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Welcome to Amplifi

We are passionate about getting our clients press releases in front of global audiences. We understand the importance of structured meta data, backlinks, and a value of our tested network of publishers to allow us to rapidly distribute your press release to notable outlets around the globe in a way that helps build credibility and visibility.

Strategy and Messaging

Our expert team will work with you to craft a compelling message that resonates with your target audience, and then we leverage our extensive network to ensure your message gets properly distributed and picked up by all the major search engines.

Translation into 32 Languages

We understand the power of communicating in multiple languages including machine readable structured metadata. That’s why we make it a priority to present all of our press releases and content streams into 32 languages enabling us to reach people in their native language all around the world.To multiply this effect each and every translation is indexed and also conatin strategic back links to boost SEO, discoverability / find-ability.

Powered by Plato

Our partnership with Plato grants us direct access to expertise and deep pools of original content streams related to 31 industry-specific verticals, including Innovation, Blockchain, Fintech, Cyber Security, Venture Capital, Investment Banking, and Startups.
Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience in these industries, enabling us to craft highly-targeted and effective content articles and relatable messaging that resonates with your specific industry.


We also leverage the latest technology and SEO best practices to ensure that your message is reaching the right people at the right time. By combining our expertise in industry-specific verticals with our advanced understanding of SEO and content distribution, we can help you build credibility and visibility in your industry, reaching audiences in dozens of languages around the world.
Join us today and experience the power of AmplifiPR.

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Our network exists to distribute data intelligence in a personalized, secure, and private way

Multi-Transitional Indexing Across 27 Languages

Ai-Powered insights and analytics on the verticals & sectors we cover. Scalable, authentic, and cost effective.